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Abstract Background

Tools to aid the standardisation and calculation of cerebral autoregulation

Matlab TFA function

This function is a Matlab implementation of the TFA as specified in the White Paper (2015). An example of use on the supplied data (tfa_sample_data.txt) is given in tfa_demo.m and results are reported at the end of this report.

Documentation and Matlab Code:

Prof. D. M. Simpson

R TFA package

Inspired by Prof. David Simpsons's matlab-script, Markus Harboe Olsen —with contributions from Christian Riberholt, Ronan Berg and Kirsten Møller— has created an R-package for the assessment of dynamic cerebral autoregulation using Transfer Function Analysis. This package achieved the same results using both the test-data provided by Prof. Simpsons and with 53 new recordings.

The package is available at:

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