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Constitution of the Cerebrovascular Research Network (CARNet)

  1. The Cerebrovascular Research Network (known as CARNet), hereinafter referred to as the Network, has been instituted for the purposes of bringing the multidisciplinary research community working the area of cerebrovascular research together to promote and to accelerate high quality research in this field. CARNet takes the position that its members and those who contribute to its activities have an obligation to conduct research ethically, including in their treatment of animals and humans and in accordance with international regulations (such as the Declaration of Helsinki).

  2. Only those who have an interest in the purposes of the Network defined in Rule 1 shall be eligible for Membership of the Network. To join the network, candidates should provide a brief curriculum vitae and usually a recommendation by one existing member of the network. The Committee may elect suitable individuals to Membership based on a substantial contribution to the field. The Committee may also remove Membership from individuals who fail to comply with requirements for CARNet membership.

  3. The Network may affiliate to National or International organisations having objects similar to or compatible with the objects of the Network, if approved by the Membership under the procedures outlined for rule changes in Rule 12.

  4. The business of the Network shall be conducted by a Committee elected by the Members of the Network from their number. It will consist of a Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Funding Coordinator, a Technical Coordinator, a Projects coordinator and up to two Ordinary Members.

  5. All members of the Committee shall be elected for periods of two years with the possibility of re-election for a further two terms. Committee members shall not be eligible for immediate re-election after serving for three consecutive terms.

  6. Members to serve on the Committee shall be nominated by any two members of the Network. Nominations shall be sent to the Secretary at least one week before the Annual General Meeting. Elections for Committee membership will be held at the Annual General Meeting.

  7. The Committee may co-opt up to two further Members provided that the number of co-opted members shall not exceed one-third of the total membership of the Committee at the time of co-option. Co-opted members shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Committee.

  8. The Chairman shall chair the Annual General Meeting and provide overall leadership for the Network. The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Network for any financial matters. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Committee meetings, a record of meetings of the Network, a record of the membership and notify all members of the date and place of the next meeting. The Secretary shall co-ordinate the arrangements pertaining to the meetings of the Network including the attendance of members. The Funding Coordinator shall coordinate funding applications in support of the aims of the Network. The Technical Coordinator shall lead in supporting the Network’s website and other IT facilities. The Projects coordinator shall coordinate research projects instituted by the Network.

  9. The Committee shall meet at least two times each year, either face-to-face or at a distance. There shall be a quorum when at least one-third of the number of members of the Committee for the time being or three members of the Committee, whichever is the greater, are present at a meeting. The Committee shall report to the Annual General Meeting.

  10. Candidates for Committee membership should be proposed by a Member of the Network with personal knowledge of the candidate and seconded by one other Member. One of those proposing a candidate can be the candidate themself. They shall provide information about their qualifications and career by submitting their curriculum vitae. Proposals for Membership shall be sent to the Secretary and shall be considered by the committee. Members may resign by writing to the Secretary at any time.

  11. There shall be at least one Network Meeting annually. Meetings may be organised in association with other Societies or Charitable Bodies having objects similar to the objects of the Network. Meetings will be open to non-members. An Annual General Meeting shall be held during the Meeting, at which only members are entitled to vote.

  12. The Rules of the Network shall not be changed unless two-thirds of Members present at the Annual General Meeting vote in favour of a change. For this purpose a quorum shall be one-third of Members. Notice of the suggested change shall be given in writing at least two weeks before the Annual General Meeting to the Secretary, who shall notify all members of the proposal at least one week before the meeting. Where a rapid decision is required, the Members may be balloted electronically in which case the same quorum shall apply to the number of responses received and the same majority shall be required.

  13. If the Committee decides that it is necessary or advisable to dissolve the Network, it shall call a meeting of all Members, of which not less than three weeks’ notice (stating the terms of the resolution to be proposed) shall be given. If the proposal is confirmed by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting the Committee shall have power to realise any assets held by or on behalf of the Network. Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be given or transferred to such other charitable institution or institutions having objects similar to the objects of the Network as members of the Network may determine, or failing that shall be applied for some other charitable purpose.

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