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Abstract Background
Abstract Background

CARNet welcomes Dr. Alicen Whitaker-Hilbig

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Alicen Whitaker-Hilbig, DPT, Ph.D. as an appointed member of

the Cerebrovascular Research Network’s Committee for 2023 to represent early-career

researchers. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Medical College of Wisconsin with

mentor Dr. Matt Durand. Alicen is also supported by MCW’s Cardiovascular Center’s T32

Training Grant on Cardiovascular Sciences. Her overall research goal is to contribute knowledge

about the physiologic role and clinical contributions of the vascular system in stroke

rehabilitation and recovery. Alicen received her Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science from the

University of Kansas Medical Center in 2023, with PhD-mentor Dr. Sandra Billinger. Her

dissertation was focused on the cerebrovascular response to high-intensity interval exercise in

individuals with chronic stroke. Alicen also completed her clinical doctorate in physical therapy

in 2019. When not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and 2 dogs!

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